Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Homeschool Room!

This is the first year (in 6 years) that we have had a whole room dedicated to just homeschooling!  Thanks to my wonderful husband for the idea and help to make this happen.

Grammar wall with write-on wipe-off area for day's sentence, and weekly Root words and Spelling info.
 15 foot timeline! Plus a space for everyone.  We may switch to individual desks in the future.
 1st grader's area with easel (he likes to move so standing for many things is better for him) and separate desk for 7th grader and mom to share.
 Table for 4th and 5th grade sons to share (and 1st grader too at times)
 My teacher tools crate
 Each child has their own color coded crate with their work inside
 And a mini color coded crate for supplies
School crates are on the floor next to their spaces
Curriculum closet - Top shelf has past schoolwork, Then we have supplies and crafts, to the left are shelves for science, math and history.  In the middle are more supplies and a shelf for language arts.  To the right are shelves for learning games and sewing supplies.  Everything is in here  except for readers.  Readers are in the living room in bookshelves.