Our school year is officially set to start the day after labor day (per our principal - aka daddy).  Our children are not excited (sadly), but it is my hope and prayer that this will be a wonderful year and that they will come to enjoy school with mommy.  They are natural learners, frequently asking questions about many things and life in general, and voracious readers.  So, really, they do enjoy learning, just not the term "school".  Part of the "problem" is that are so creative.  They would much rather play all day creating their own games and adventures with each-other and their neighbor friends.  Is this really a "problem"?  I think it is a blessing and I am leaning on God to show me just how to develop the many gifts and talents that He has placed within them.  To that end, I am scheduling our day differently.

Our Routine:

6:30 - mom wakes up for prayer/Word, coffee and time to get ready for the day
8:00 - kids wake up, get dressed, make beds, bring dirty laundry, straighten rooms
8:30 - breakfast and family devotions
9:00 - school starts
9:00-12:00 - math, handwriting, grammar, spelling, writing, science, history with mom.
12:00-1:00 - lunch break/recess
1:00 - 3:00 - independent study time.  If work for the day is caught up then this is study in the area of choice / personal interest.  (I think they will enjoy this!)
3:00 - ?  1 hour of reading a day for 3 older, 20 minutes "reading" for 1st grader.

Afternoons and evenings are filled with dance, soccer, tumbling, Royal Rangers/MPact Girls - each child has 1 activity plus weekly Bible Study (Royal Rangers/MPact Girls).  With 4 children, there are a lot of activities; however, this is a good time homework and daily reading while waiting at a sibling's activity.

During the school week we do not have regular TV or iPod time.  There may be occasional DVDs such as Drive Through History, etc.  TV and iPod time can be earned with good behavior, school work done and chores completed.  Our bed-times will be later this year due to activities of older children.  In the past, our children were in bed by 8:30 and wake up time was 7:30.  This year they will not be in bed most nights before 9:30 (yikes!)  so we are pushing back wake up time to 8:00.  We will see if this is enough time for sleep - if not, we will adjust accordingly.

Trusting in God's grace for a spectacular school year.  Stay tuned....

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