Sunday, July 4, 2010

He is with Me

"He is with Me." - whispered to my soul from his Creator, my Comforter. I know we will meet again, never to be separated. I rejoice in all the blessings surrounding me here - five to be specific - my husband and 4 children. Yet my soul longs for the one not here...and hears, over and over again - "He is with Me." - and - "I am with you." That is enough. I keep walking. His tender mercies new every morning. His plan still wonderfully good. Because of Him, His mercy and love, I have hope. And joy in the midst of the temporary sorrow. Happy "due date" Max. Hugs from Mommy.

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Delahne said...

Love you, Lisa. I'm praying for you and trust God's peace and joy fill your soul.