Wednesday, August 31, 2011

beautful morning

Sipping coffee with Bible in hand (on lap really) and those words whispered to my soul...beautiful morning.  What about it is beautiful?  Not the weather.  It is going to be another hot one here in the Ozarks.
It is beautiful because He is here. with me. His love and presence surrounding me.
It is beautiful because I am getting to walk out His plan for today - at home with my children.  A gift from Him answering the desire of a mother's heart.
It is beautiful because I choose to reflect on His goodness and call to remembrance the many ways He has brought provision recently and in times past.  He is always faithful.
It is beautiful because His faithfulness continues and His mercies are new every morning.  And, His grace is sufficient for today.

This is His day.  I rejoice in it. In Him.  And watch as He makes EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.
Even mistakes, mishaps, and mis-steps.....He is able to transform into something beautiful.  His love for you and His mercy is just that good!

Have a beautiful day.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful day. Thank you for reminding me who it is that makes our days beautiful.
Blessings to you.