Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Days of Summer - Fun - Try This at Home!

It has been a scorcher in the Ozarks this summer and very few days have been spent outside.  Talk about Cabin Fever in a whole new way!  Finally, as our planet is moving on it's orbit around the Sun, we have had a break in the weather with some cooler days and much cooler nights.  (Insert huge amounts of gratitude here!)  And so, the boys (and girl) can once again venture outside for the  better part of the day and I am grateful that our school principal (aka Daddy) has reminded me that school NEVER officially starts until after Labor Day.  This gives the teacher (me) a few extra weeks to prepare for a stellar year (by His grace) and the children some extra time outside gathering in vitamin D while playing and breathing deeply of fresh air.  There are noises of nature all around us, a beautiful chorus singing to our Creator.

And then, what is that EXTRA noise?  We don't have any motorcycles in our neighborhood.
Ahhhh, it is MY boys!   Take 1 bike and 1 empty water bottle and you can transform said bike into a noise-making, motorcycle-imitating machine!

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