Friday, March 29, 2013

The Big Move

I cannot believe that it has already been 4 weeks since we arrived in New Mexico.  Time sure flies when you are having fun!  At the same time, it seems like we have been here longer - and it fits.  This is funny because if you would have asked me if I ever would have imagined my family living "out west" my answer would have been a definite no.  Up until recently I did not like the west, cowboys (except my 6 yr. old dressed up as one because he is irresistibly cute), and especially not western movies!  However, God must have been preparing my family because for the last year or so my husband and 4 children religiously celebrate "Western Saturday" by snuggling in and watching shows like "High Chaparral," "The Virginian," "Big "Valley," and "Bonanza."   I have even been roped into "Dr. Quinn" reruns!

Well, I am falling in love with the West, and the people here.  Making such a big move was a giant leap of faith for our family.  Yes, we have moved out by some of our very closest friends whom we consider family and our kids call "aunt" and "uncle" - but everything else was "God, we are trusting that we are hearing from You and that You are leading our steps."  Jeff did not have a job yet and we did not have a place to live.... and I sometimes wondered, "Will we fit in there?"

Well, I am thrilled to share that Jeff does have a job, he is a store-manager-in-training at a local book/entertainment venue.  God has provided in jaw-dropping ways for our family.  We  have a home - a ranch actually - on 6 acres!!!  (More about that later.)   We were blessed with groceries to restock our pantry the night we unloaded our moving truck, which was a huge blessing since I have given most of our pantry items away to friends before we moved.

What we see some mornings in our front yard.
We had been down to 1 vehicle for almost a year and were making due.  Someone came up to us and handed Jeff and I each a key - we were so confused - an explained that we needed a second vehicle so I could get around with the kids while Jeff was at work.  A Chevy TAHOE!  Jeff and I were speechless with our mouths hanging open.  How does a simple "thank you" work in that situation?

The next week our children were given a new trampoline, a big blessing since we live "out" and it gives them lots of exercise and play time.  They are never bored between the trampoline, the long road for bike riding, and the neighbor's horses.

And, best of all, we LOVE our church and it is a FIT for us.  This has been the EASIEST adjustment for our 4 children - they are so happy.  God is just SO GOOD and FAITHFUL.  (Good news - He is no respecter of persons.  He wants you to experience His goodness and faithfulness in your life too.)

I feel like I can breathe again......

How has God shown His goodness to you?  Please share!

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Rachel McPeak said...

I am so happy for you guys, it's Awesome how God works! We Love & Miss you!!!