Friday, March 2, 2012

Leaping for Science

Today, we took the opportunity to do some leaping for Apologia! They are having a fun leap day contest - take a picture of leaping for Apologia and win $100 gift card for their products! 
Apologia Science has been an excellent resource for our family for the past 4 years.  So far, we have studied Astronomy, Botany, Zoology 1 (flying creatures), and now Anatomy & Physiology.....and we do not plan to stop!  We already have Zoology 2 (swimming creatures) and General Science on tap for the fall.

Boy, did we have fun trying to get some serious air!!! 


Gidget said...

Wow, your kids got so high!! I can't even imagine how you got such great shots but they are cool :)

joyfulmom said...

Gidget, we practiced for about a half an hour jumping and leaping different places to see which gave the effect of highest air! The view behind my kids is a valley of sorts and the way it slopes down gives a great optical illusion. Also, I was flat on my stomach, laid out on the street, taking the pictures! I also had to practice on the timing of my camera click. :-) It was fun and the kids are interested in creating more optical illusions!