Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, here it is. I am finally writing. And why? Because I am asking my 10 year old daughter to do the same - a journal about her summer. So here it goes....

The day is hot and sunny. Much better than cold and rainy. Daughter is spending the day at a friend's house. I am at home with the boys and Daddy. We have finished reading "Flat Stanley" with hopes of a future writing project for them. Oh, and it takes 17 minutes for an ice cube to melt on the sidewalk, an activity we did for the library summer reading program. Laundry is going as usual. The living room floor is strewn with Duplo Castle Legos and I hear Star Wars music coming from the family room as the boys are playing Lego Star Wars Wii. I am pondering many things as I weave through my day: homeschool curriculum for the fall, the continuation and logistics of our co-op, closing on our new house, decorating our new house, missing Max...etc. All interspersed with a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of my family and the people we will touch throughout our journey - life here on earth. God is at work. He is ever faithful, ever loving. I say out loud, "He loves me. He likes me. I am redeemed. He has the plan for our lives - a good one! He is helping us to walk that plan out." Selah

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