Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New House

Yesterday we signed the paperwork (i.e. closed) on our house. It has been a long process with some various delays and required patience and persistence. We were told that there had been 2 other buyers ahead of us that had backed out because they did not want to have to wait so long to close. Some things are worth the wait!

Interestingly, I had been looking for a bigger house for months to make room for an expected addition. I viewed this house many times, and liked it except for one small detail. I passed it by. We even bid on another house. Finally one day Jeff and I were again searching for houses and I showed him this one. We went and looked at it and felt so peaceful. The "one thing" actually turned out to be not a deal at all! The price of the home was reduced and now within our price range. Glory!

God brought us just the right people to help us through each step of the process. We were a little apprehensive due to a bad experience 6 1/2 years ago. We did not know if we would even qualify; or if we did, what the interest rate would be. Everything went smoothly. God is so good!

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